Why Teachers Training is Necessary


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September 24, 2010

Why Teachers Training is Necessary

On every Parents Teachers meet same story repeats at every school. Group of parents standing around a teacher and listing complaints like why my child don’t know tables? or why you cut marks on small mistakes? and so on . And a single teacher tries to console them and put her best to make them satisfy. This is the kind of situations teachers face.

Actually Teachers have to fight against pressures from multiple fronts. They have to cope with unending parental expectations, pressures from the management of the school, handling misbehavior students etc in class of at least 60 students. And above all since they are teachers, children future is in their hands so they had to do their best in making children learn.

In our society, Teaching has low professional status and thus not regarded as a serious profession. Teacher’s training is not regarded as a serious issue. School management also does not take it as a serious issue. In most of the schools, teachers are given training at the end of the session just to complete a formality. In which trainers provide stray bits of advices which actually are of no use to teachers but wastage of time. Instead during such training, teachers go through tension as they are not given any extra time for training rather they had to do their daily work as well.

Right from starting, teachers are expected to perform from day one. They are not given any extra guidance because teaching is considered as a habit ( I think you mean hobby) which develops automatically in a day or two. But the fact is qualified teachers are not always trained to motivate failed students, addressing queries of parents, cater to students behavior problems

Teachers always do their best. School managements need to put extra efforts towards teacher’s trainings. We need to upgrade teacher’s education which will further help in upgrading standard of education in India. It is very true that teachers can make or break a child. A trained teacher can actually give a perfect base to the student’s career and can also give them a perfect direction.

In spite of such facts, teachers training is the main concern. In India, lack of teacher’s training is one of the biggest reason for decreasing standard of education.

Above all, teachers are the backbone of education. They play an important role in moulding our country’s future. Therefore, teacher’s education should be regarded as a serious issue and should give preference.

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Wishing you all, success!!!


Vidhi Johri


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