Role of Organization Culture in One’s Career


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October 29, 2010

Role of Organization Culture in One’s Career

Organization Culture is a wide term in itself. Every organization has its unique culture and has its own definition. Organization culture acts like a fabric that weaves all its values and vision and form the base of the organization. But unfortunately, generally people ignore the fact that their organization culture play an important role in their careers and regard it as a simple HR jargon

Organization culture can be viewed from two parameters one is professional point view and the other is how one socialize in a culture which may include your dressing, speaking, attitude, behavior, involvement in organization’s activities etc.

It’s very true that culture is made by the employees of the organization which help them to attain certain level of job satisfaction but at the same time culture also helps in blending personal and organizational goals. It actually ensures smooth flow of operations.

A culturally fit employee socializes well in the organizations which can help them to understand functions of the organization and achieve super ordinate goals. Such situations increase his opportunities for promotion and also solve retention issues for the organization. On the other hand for culturally misfit employee, skills can be taught but behavior can not be changed. So culturally misfits show inability to adapt to the changed environment and may also create discomfort for other employees as well and affect their performances. So, being culturally misfit might become the reason for the dismissal for the misfit employee.

Now every organization that comes in your way may not be the organization of your type. So, in order to avoid such situations in your career, one should be ready to take preventive steps. And the first step will be your attitude towards the change environment i.e. how you react to the changes. To deal with changing environment one needs to be flexible in thoughts and needs to keep broad thinking rather than rigidness. Try to understand the nitty gitties of the organization instead of reacting instantly. Do remember every culture has its own values with reasons. So try to have learning attitude which would be your first step to cope up with changes. Do not take stand for the wrong but do appreciate the right. Do your analysis with respect to your strengths and weaknesses and then try to make yourself fit in the organizational framework.

Last but not the least although culture is all about people and formed by the people but ultimately culture do not accept anyone but people have to accept culture

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Wishing you all, success!!!


Vidhi Johri

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