International Study Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students 2012


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August 6, 2012

Study abroad is a dream of every aspiring Indian student as you can avail number of benefits from it both in terms of personal growth as well as for career build-up. But there is always one kind of insecurity associated with studying abroad that is pertaining to cost. However, you don’t have to fear as we are here to assist you in your search by providing you adequate information for the latest scholarships available for study abroad programmes. There are ample number of scholarships listed in this section specifically focussing towards studying overseas. Diversified scholarship providers are coming out to help large number of students possessing satisfactory academic backgrounds in order to fund their education for the essential purpose of studying in foreign lands. These scholarship providers are composed of several foreign organizations and universities such as University of East London, University of Birmingham, CMCRC, Brunel University, British Council and the UK Government, University of New South Wales and lots of others. Listed down scholarships and grants are offering you feasible monetary options to pursue your studies out of the country. You can find ample number of financial aid opportunities suggested below assisting you in obtaining a desirable scholarship as per your abilities.

1. Scholarship Program:  Scholarship for Master Programs @ POLIMODA
Employer: Maitri Global Education,Italy
Level of Study:  Master
Brief Scholarship Description: A scholarship of €5000 which covers the partial amount of the tuition fee towards the completion of One year Master program (design/ marketing) at Polimoda the international institute of fashion & marketingFlorenceItaly.
Scholarship Website:

2. Scholarship Program: Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)
Employer: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Level of Study: Masters, PhD
Brief Scholarship Description: The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) are designed to promote capacity building within organisations in 61 countries by providing training and education to mid-career staff. The NFP is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation. These fellowships are available for a selected number of master’s degree programmes, short courses and PhD Studies. 
Scholarship Website:

3. Scholarship Program: International Development Scholarship atUniversity of East London,UK
Employer: University of East London, UK
Level of Study:  Masters
Brief Scholarship Description: The Scholarship will be offered annually and is the product of a partnership between International Students House, one of London’s largest residences for International Students, and the University of East London, a global learning community with over 28,000 students from over 120 countries world-wide.
Scholarship Website:

4. Scholarship Program: BirminghamLawSchool scholarship
Employer: University of Birmingham
Level of Study:  Undergraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: To retain the Excellence Scholarship students must gain a minimum of a 2:1 (60%+) in each year of study. Should these grades not be achieved the scholarship will be withdrawn for the remainder of the programme. International students with overseas fees status who have applied for one of the above courses and placed Birmingham as firm choice.
Scholarship Website:


5. Scholarship Program:  CMCRC PhD Scholarships, 2012
Employer: CMCRC
Level of Study:  PhD
Brief Scholarship Description: The CMCRC provides an exciting, high calibre, and well resourced research environment for work in capital markets. The research objective is to create better capital markets locally, regionally, and globally. CMCRC research is about providing a better understanding of financial markets (their operation and their price behaviour) and research which facilitates the provision of advances in technology to capital markets. In the CMCRC there is a particular focus on the enhancement of market integrity and security. CMCRC research is also about realising commercial benefits from innovation, and the CMCRC provides direct participation in commercial results for PhD Students.
Scholarship Website:


6. Scholarship Program: 2012 Brunel International Scholarship Programme for International Students
Employer: Brunel University
Level of Study: Postgraduate and Undergraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: The Brunel International Scholarship Programme is an annual award run by the Brunel International office that is open to all international students. Its goal is to provide financial support to exceptional students. Scholarship holders will go on to represent Brunel as ambassadors throughout their time at the University. The 2012 Scholarships will offer 30 regional scholarships of £3000, as well as 8 scholarships of £2000 by the Alumni office.
Scholarship Website:

7. Scholarship Program: 2012-2013 Jubilee Scholarships for Indian Students
Employer: British Council and the UK Government
Level of Study: Masters
Brief Scholarship Description: British Council and the UK Government are delighted to present this wonderful opportunity that enables young Indians to pursue a one year Masters programme in Management, Manufacturing, Science and Technology in a recognised UK institution and follow it up with a month-long internship programme in the UK. The scholarship programme aims to support greater access to Higher Education in the UK and provide a new opportunity for students to fund their education. The scholars will receive funding for a one-year Masters course in the UK, starting September 2012.
Scholarship Website:

8. Scholarship Program: HenleyBusinessSchool ScholarshipIndia
Employer: Henley Business School, UK
Level of Study: Postgraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: This award provides between £1,000-2,000 towards the cost of postgraduate tuition fees. It is available (dependent on eligibility) for 1 year.
Scholarship Website:

9. Scholarship Program: The Essilor / ICEE Research Scholarship
Employer: University of New South Wales
Level of Study: Masters or PhD
Brief Scholarship Description: The Scholarship is established to encourage students to undertake an MSc or PhD through the School of Optometry and Vision Science at UNSW.
Scholarship Website:

10. Scholarship Program: Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarships 2012
Employer: British Council
Level of Study: Postgraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: The British Council is delighted to offer young enterprising Goan students the Goa Education Trust (GET) Scholarship to study in the UK. Goa Education Trust (GET) has been conceptualized by the industrious Dempo and Fomento groups from Goa. GET is aimed to provide Goans an efficient medium to pursue the best available opportunities in education, in whatever areas they desire. It will provide scholarships and/or research fellowships etc. to Eligible Students for their post graduate studies in the United Kingdom in all spheres, fields and departments.
Scholarship Website:

11. Scholarship Program: International Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Melbourne, 2012
Employer: University of Melbourne
Level of Study: Undergraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: In recognition of the significant contribution made to the University of Melbourne by international students, and the University’s commitment to equity and diversity, the University is proud to award undergraduate scholarships to international students commencing study in an undergraduate degree. These scholarships are open to all international students who accept an offer of a place in an undergraduate degree at the University. In 2012 scholarships were awarded to students from over 15 countries such as Mexico, Singapore, Bangladesh, China, Mauritius, Sweden, Malaysia, USA and India.
Scholarship Website:

12. Scholarship Program: Macquarie University International Scholarships (MUIS)
Employer: Macquarie University
Level of Study:  Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: Macquarie University International Scholarships (MUIS) are available across most courses to cover international tuition fees for study in an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at the University.
Scholarship Website:

13. Scholarship Program:  Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarships for Indian Students
Employer: Queen’s University Belfast
Level of Study:  Undergraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: Queen’s University Belfast is offering Science and Engineering Scholarships to undergraduate students fromIndia, who are starting their studies in September 2012. The scholarships are worth £4,500 in total for BEng and BSc programmes and £6,000 for MEng, MSci and MArch programmes. The scholarships will be awarded automatically based on academic merit, no application is required. The award will be deducted from the tuition fees payable to Queen’s each year.
Scholarship Website:

14. Scholarship program: Reach Oxford Scholarships
Employer: University of Oxford
Level of Study: Undergraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: A number of Oxford colleges offer Reach Oxford scholarships (formerly Oxford Student Scholarships) to students from developing countries who, for political or financial reasons, or because suitable educational facilities do not exist, cannot study for a degree in their own countries.
Scholarship Website:

15. Scholarship Program: School of Information Technologies Postgraduate Coursework Entry Scholarships
Employer: School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney
Level of Study: Postgraduate
Brief Scholarship Description: The School of Information Technologies at the University of Sydney will offer scholarships valued at $5,000.
Scholarship Website:


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