How to Successfully Crack Telephonic Job Interviews in India


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February 6, 2012

A decade ago imagining that you would be appearing for a telephonic job interview, seemed like a ridiculous idea. However, in today’s tech-savvy world telephonic job interviews are as normal as traditional face-to-face job interviews once were.

Indian employers are increasingly taking inspiration from their global counterparts and are actively screening potential candidates via telephone interviews. This trend of interviewing candidates on telephone is beneficial for both employers and job seeks as its effective and efficient way of communication and candidates can avoid unnecessary travel.

Most importantly, candidates should refrain from assuming telephonic interview isn’t as serious a matter as face-to-face interview with an employer. Remember, job interview are formal meetings that can make or break your career prospects.

These interviews are generally conducted at a formal setting like the placement consultant’s office or a hotel business center. But you can get a call on your personal number as well, depending on what suits the employer. Usually, employers based in India or outside India, provide candidates with date and time of interview and candidates are expected to attend.

Tips to Successfully Crack Telephonic Job Interviews in India:

Stay Confident: Since telephone interviews are easier to conduct, sometimes employers can ask for immediate interview, leaving candidates nervous. You can humbly request employer to change the timing. However, if the employer persists, then you should try to stay calm and confident as becoming bundle of nerves won’t help your cause. Since your voice will be primary mode of communication in a telephonic interview, your communication skills should be impeccable. Keep in mind the following: Talk slow to avoid mispronunciation of words, emphasize on words where/when ever required, talk confidently and refrain from stuttering.

Study Your CV Well Before Interview: Most candidates make the mistake of thinking, since they have prepared their CV; they know everything written in it. However, nervousness can make you forget things, so it’s crucial that you study your CV carefully before your interview. Remember, employer has copy of your resume’ and if you forgot something written on it during interview, then it will reflect negatively on you.

Highlight Your Achievements: When asked about your achievements, mention them in your own words rather than reading lines from your CV. Also highlight all your major achievements and projects.

Stick To One Language: Unless, requested beforehand by an employer, you can choose to speak in either Hindi or English (i.e. if employer understands both languages). But you should always make a conscious choice to stick to one language only to sound eloquent and confident. Even if your oral English isn’t up to mark and you’re required to talk in English, try to speak slowly and make short sentences.

Ask Questions: Never ever hesitate to ask questions regarding the company or what your work responsibilities would be, if you got selected. Also, in case, you couldn’t understand interviewers’ question, then don’t assume or sit quietly like an idiot, either say “pardon” or “please repeat the question.” Also, keep paper and pen handy to note down any important points during interview.

Lastly, don’t forget your etiquettes as manners do matter in telephone interviews too. Don’t talk in informal tone or become overtly friendly. It’s good to feel comfortable talking to employer during interview but talking to him/her as you would with your friends will only earn you negative points.

Hopefully these tips will help you crack your telephonic job interview.

Priyanka Sharma

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