Body Language: An Important Aspect of Your Job Interview


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February 17, 2011

Body Language During the Job Interview

First impression is the last impression is a well known saying. But the question is how to make your first impression? The answer would be your confidence and personality.

Personality doesn’t mean attractive looks but your body language. It is the main ingredient of your personality. Here are certain tips which will help you in making your first impression during the job interview.

Your Body language reflects your feelings or the person you are. So, the best way to reveal your personality is to be prepared for the interview by all means. This will help you to be confident and will enhance the beauty of your personality.

Apart from this you should work upon presenting yourself in front of the interview panel. While you stand, put your back straight with your neck slightly up and head straight i.e. to your full height with a little smile on your face. But it doesn’t mean that your body looks stiff. Don’t loose yourself on one leg.

While appearing for the interview, try not to panic and make yourself relaxed but you should seem interested and attentive enough.

When the turn for your interview comes, wait for the official call then only walk towards the interview room.. Further try to make yourself comfortable once you sit on your chair. Sit straight; don’t hang by the side of the chair. Occupy full space in the chair. This will help you feel comfortable. Further sitting on the edge of the chair will make you feel tensed.

During the interview, speak candidly rather than fluently. Speak in a way that you are both audible and understandable. Speak in a comfortable manner with required pauses and proper intonation.

Further your face expressions will matter a lot. Do keep your eye contact and look at all the members of the panel equally. You should not seem to be gazing at them. Listening is the important part of communication. So, do listen to them patiently. Nodding will help them know that you are getting what they say. You can tilt your head a little to show interest in their words.

Hand Movements form the important part of your communication. They help to animate your communication but only when they are restricted and conserved. If you do not have control on your hand movements; you start banging on the table or pointing others which might look very embarrassing. You can place your hands on your lap or you can put them on the armrest of the chair. Do not play or start drumming with your finger on the desk. Avoid keeping anything in your hands like keys, mobile or pen. These will distract you.

Put your feet straight on the surface and feel relaxed. Do not cross your feet, it will show your casual attitude. Do not shake your legs.

At the end of the interview, you can walk up to the panel to shake hands with them. Your handshake should be firm but not hard and do look at the person straight. Avoid shaking hands with women until they initiate in an Indian scenario.

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Vidhi Johri

Ms. Vidhi Johri has been working as Project Leader, She has been writing regularly and helping students through her blogs, dedicated towards Personality Development, Interview and soft skills, Job trends etc. She completed PGDM from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management and Technology. She has been actively involved in content development for the project. Through this project she is engaged in helping young talent in finding their destination in academia.

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